December 15, 2023

Year in Review: Product Development

Product Development at JetStyle

It’s time! 

2023 is coming to its end, and it's been great so far! We’d love to use this pre-holiday period to reflect on the best things we’ve managed to accomplish over the year. 

Now, JetStyle’s top 3 events accomplishments in product development in 2023:

1. Our first book about product development by JetStyle’s CEO and co-founder Alexey Kulakov went live on Amazon! It’s a full guide on what product development is, what benefits it provides compared to other development flows, and the first steps to take if you want it to enhance your business. The book is free, just download and enjoy: 

2. We launched a landing page that explains our vision of product development in the digital industry. Our latest case studies, frequently asked questions and useful materials on 

3. We published our tailor-made unit economics calculator. This tool is irreplaceable for generating marketing hypotheses for future product scaling. Everything you need to know about unit economics and its application in product development: 

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