September 22, 2022


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In this and the following posts we are going to tell you about our work. JetStyle is very much focused on research and development of the metaverse. Or A metaverse?..

Yes, there’ve been tons of discussions on the future of the metaverse. And yes - most probably - eventually we will face just one meta-space. However, at this moment, we tend to believe in the “plural” character of this phenomenon. What we mean is that now we are dealing with little fragments - mini-verses - which might be joined into one. 

The history of the Internet has already taught us some lessons: in the course of its development, lots and lots of different “-nets” were bunched together to form the Big Net. 

So, what is a metaverse anyway? Basically, a metaverse is a way to expand reality with new layers. At the same time, a meta-environment shares entities with the real one: people look “normal”; they interact, chat, move, etc. 

This “recreated” universe is even more real than the Internet we’re all in. Which means it is going to increasingly occupy our thoughts and take more human resources than the Internet. 

Stay tuned for our next posts; we’ll dwell more on the actual benefits metaverses can bring to you and your business.

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