March 7, 2024

VR Worlds by JetStyle

VR Projects

We uploaded 11 of our VR worlds to the most popular VR platforms: Spatial, VRChat, and Roblox. We’re happy to invite you to check them out!


Let’s start with VRChat. Our top world is called Aqua Sunset Retreat. It’s a serene VR oasis with a pool and sunset view, perfect for relaxing. The second popular one is Nebula Woods, a mystical night wood. Number 3 according to our visitors is Lantern Coast with its striking beach landscape and a lighthouse. 

Statistics shows VRChat users added our worlds to Favorites over 2.5K times. Log in to explore them:


Aqua Sunset Retreat and Nebula Woods are in the top 3 worlds as well. Another people’s favorite is Field Gallery Middle, a lively sun-lit meadow with a waterfall and an open space art gallery.

You can check them out without registration, just using your browser:

Aqua Sunset Retreat

Nebula Woods

Field Gallery Middle


Check out Lantern Coast; it’s our most popular Roblox world:.

Also you’ll love Aqua Sunset Retreat and Meadow. Use the app to enter these VR spaces. 


Enjoy VR, invite your colleagues to the worlds, and share your feedback – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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