October 2, 2023

VR Ride Remastering

Case Study

We hope you’ve had a chance to visit our website and see the new case study! We remastered our first VR ride around Amsterdam that we developed in 2021 for our client ADAM Lookout.

What does ‘remastering’ mean in the context of VR rides development? We did not change the plot of the ride – but we significantly improved its visual component. The thing is, technology has evolved greatly 2 years since the launch. We have more advanced video cards and new beauty standards of 3D and VFX. Also, let’s not forget about AI! Today we work with AI-based tools that enhance the images while preserving high performance. So, for this VR ride we spiced up the visuals, added more special effects and voila – we have an advanced VR entertainment within just 3 months. 

Alex Markin, JetXR’s creative director, comments on the project: “The industry changes very quickly, and it’s crucial to keep in touch with it. For a moderate budget and really short time you can have your VR experience upgraded so that it looks up-to-date and impressive. 

ADAM Lookout’s visitors have loved the ride all these years – we can see it from the regular revenue and client’s feedback. Hopefully, people will enjoy it even more”. 

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