February 13, 2024

Vision Pro Driving Mass Adoption of Spatial Computing

UI Kit for AVP's OS

The internet is roaring with reviews on the newly released Apple Vision Pro headset. Alex Markin, Creative Director at JetStyle’s XR department, shares his thoughts about the hype: 

“We’ve been seeing lots of videos of influencers doing all kinds of things wearing Vision Pro. They buy coffee, go to the subway, gyms, grocery shopping – in other words, they do normal and socially acceptable activities wearing a headset. 

Of course, it causes tons of negativity. With all the ‘Ready Player One’ or ‘Black Mirror’ references, people online are relentless in how they roast the bloggers. Still, these videos go viral and provide high coverage. The launch of Apple Vision Pro proves my key point: Apple’s products remain incredibly prestigious and desirable. In the world of consumer tech, only Apple symbolizes high social status – and I deeply respect the company for that. 

Now let’s get practical: the current buzz around Vision Pro may lead to headsets becoming a socially acceptable accessory very soon. I know for sure: one day our XR headsets will look as smooth as sunglasses! But it looks like we live in a world where a guy walks around in a swimming-mask-type headset – and it’s not a big deal. 

We’ll also witness the boost of competition. Mass adoption of Apple’s headsets will encourage manufacturers to design XR gadgets for everyday use. But even though Apple Vision Pro’s ergonomics is far from ideal, it’s been getting tons of attention. In my opinion, today we’re closer to mass adoption of spatial computing than ever.”

Let us know what you think about it; drop a comment on LinkedIn.

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