December 15, 2022

Verge 3D in Design Projects

SPLU Website

In relation to our recent case study release, we cannot but mention and thank Soft8Soft, our long-term partners in 3D & web development projects. The company is the developer of Verge3D, a toolkit for creating immersive 3D experiences for the web. 

While creating SPLU’s landing pages, we used Verge3D to facilitate the process of exporting animated models from Blender to the web. Verge 3D is excellent when you want to save time on programming, as it allows distributing tasks effectively between the frontend developers and designers. Apart from that, Verge 3D facilitates cross platform rendering for rich 3d scenes with animation within our web applications.

Thanks to Verge 3D, the website looks more playful; we love how the little pillows and blankets float around and interact with the site’s users (click the link above to see it too).

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