March 28, 2023

Top XR Jobs

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For at least 10 years ahead, the extended reality industry is going to be a goldmine ready to be developed. What kind of ‘gold-miners’ does the market need? How does one stay relevant in this fast-growing area? Since we’ve been equipping our XR development teams from the dawn of the industry, we can share insights on the job market. 

  1. Designers 

We can see no demand for exotic professions, such as a neural interface designer or anything like this. However, 3D, UX/UI and narrative designers have all chances to become pioneers in XR and create new patterns for metaverse design & CJM building. There’s still no standard practice in the market, so it’s open for innovation and experiments. 

  1. Front end developers

Custom front end development is a luxury, and every employer hunts for specialists of this level. Even though the core trend is automation and we expect robots to replace many jobs, Mixed reality is still going to offer a lot of opportunities for skilled front end developers. If they want to stay relevant, they should study the game engines, 3D, low-level APIs and rendering. 

  1. Back end developers 

Fluency in object-oriented programming is a must these days and the decade ahead. C#, C++, knowledge of Unity or Unreal – these are the skills that will keep programmers afloat. 

  1. QA engineers

QA engineers in XR look for reasons of sensory distortion and motion sickness. Apart from that, their job is to see if the picture in a headset matches what’s happening in reality. Another extraordinary skill is recruiting: with time, QA engineers train their vestibular system well, so they constantly need to find new people for testing purposes. 

Also, with new body tracking opportunities, QA engineers face new challenges, such as using VR while standing, sitting, laying down, etc. At the same time, XR avatars, environment and assets need to stay accessible for various body types. It’s a whole new area for experimenting, research and testing. 

In recent years we’ve managed to gather a team of highly qualified specialists who can develop any type of experience in XR. Together with that, we maintain an inhouse system of talent training, so that JetStyle’s team stays relevant to the global market’s needs. 

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