November 22, 2022

Timeless Designer Skills

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Previously we shared our vision about the future of design. It is a hot topic these days, as AI is increasingly accelerating in artistic creativity. 

We asked Alexey Kulakov, JetStyle’s CEO and co-founder, to share his vision on how the ‘human’ component of the designer profession is going to be valuable through the decades:

“Nothing can replace the ability of people to perceive reality on the basis of cultural background, visual erudition, etc. What can people do today and robots can’t? People are good at: 

  1. Making design decisions based on what they feel to be appropriate for a particular style. Designers work as a tuning fork and choose the elements that match the interface vibe perfectly. 
  2. Modeling user scenarios. Designers see the big system and create ways to control human behavior. 
  3. Inventing new experiences. Designers are innovators that experiment and develop new interface practices.” 

See a list of the ‘timeless’ designer skills:

  1. Self reflection 

i.e. the ability to analyze your own experience. 

  1. Inductive thinking 

Or a generalization skill: when you notice what happens and can make a conclusion out of it. 

  1. Agility 

Ability to learn new tools and introduce them into your processes to make work more efficient. 

  1. Communication 

Specifically, the skill to give and receive meaningful feedback* within a team. 

*BTW, we have an article about that, click the link above to read.

Did we forget anything? 

Let’s chat in the comments if you have anything to add or a different view of the matter. The future of the designer profession is a fascinating topic to debate on, and we’re happy to hear different opinions.

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