July 27, 2023

The Future of UX Design

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Technology is evolving, and so is UX design. We do our best to stay on the edge of the trends; our experience allows making predictions about the future of innovation. We asked JetStyle’s CEO Alexey Kulakov about possible transformations in UX design. Here’s what he thinks may happen: 

  • The interface environment will change towards adopting MR- and VR-based interfaces. 
  • No more screens – and we already witness this trend with haptic interfaces. 
  • Machines will be much better at predicting a person's next steps. More interfaces will anticipate what a person needs, and the interface environment will adjust to this. 
  • We’ll probably deal with graphical user interface (GUI) paradigms.

We’re excited to see what the future holds. Alexey expands on the points mentioned above in our new article. It’s dedicated to figuring out whether designers or robots are better at typical design tasks. Alexey provides a list of the game-changing AI-based tools – the ones that will save tons of time and improve the quality of design work. Click the link above.

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