December 13, 2022

Test Before You Invest: Design & Advertising for Product Launch

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The product development approach works well not just to create something new and find out the most relevant set of a product’s functions. It is also used to ensure successful market launch. We would like to tell you about it and share the story of SPLU, an all-in-one platform ready to solve all your sleep-related problems. 

SPLU is a product developed by a mattress manufacturer and designated for the British market. Our task was to test a few hypotheses on how SPLU should look and advertise to win the maximum number of customers right at the start. Thanks to our partner’s active participation in the process, we managed to select the most advantageous combination of Key Visuals, a promo landing page, and ad campaign materials. 

As a result of this work, SPLU has confirmed data on what their audience expects from a product dedicated to sleep problems. It raises the chances for a successful launch. 

Follow the link above to read the details of the process.

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