May 24, 2024

Research in Product Development

Product dev

Small, and sometimes even medium-sized product teams view research as a long, expensive, and biased process. So they tend to avoid it at all. 

At JetStyle we believe any product development process should start and be constantly accompanied by research. It’s an integral part of hypothesis testing, even if the result of research has proved your hypothesis to be wrong. 

We’re going to share our cost-effective method of research for product development. It takes a minimum amount of resources and applies to products of all sizes. All you need to launch is a number of users enough for a NPS survey. 

For this we’re going to release a series of posts written together with Pauline Bynova, head of Marketing at JetStyle and an experienced marketing consultant. She’s been managing research activities in product teams, and she knows how to launch them quickly. Your product wins when you process customer feedback regularly. The more you experiment with data, the more you customize the research process according to your business requirements. Stay tuned! 

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