October 20, 2022
Product development at JetStyle
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Happy to introduce JetStyle’s CEO and co-founder, Alexey Kulakov.

Alexey started his career in 1997 as a UI designer and grew to become an executive. Along with managing JetStyle, he started a self-publishing platform Rideró as a Chief Product officer. Thanks to this experience, Alexey has promoted the product development approach to JetStyle as well. 

Why do we find it practical? Let’s ask Alexey: 

“When we develop products, we aim to change customers' behavior. Everyone wins here. Customers interact with your product - this product impacts their lives in a positive way - they notice the change and keep using it. Thus, your business grows.”

To put it in a nutshell, the product development approach aims to achieve business goals and improve customers’ experiences as well. We are going to share other thoughts on product development in our next posts.

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