October 21, 2022

Product development approach: key features

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At JetStyle, we believe that in the next 10 years product development approach is going to be the benchmark of management and automation. Why so? 

Before product approach was invented, project-based approach reigned. A project is a series of actions aimed at changing something, e.g. a business. When you see the changes, your project is done. This is the core difference between a project-based and product approach. The latter is focused on maintaining continuous change. When a product evolves, it brings more profit. 

What are the key features of the product-based process?

  1. It is data-driven. 

We use data to check on a business’s growth and implement changes at early stages. 

  1. It is fast and incremental. 

The business aims to expand its grounds, win new audiences, earn more money during the least possible amount of time. 

  1. It is iteration-based. 

Instead of working for a long time and then releasing the product, we deliver value each and every sprint. 

To sum up, the product development approach is a combination of three main ideas: 

Incremental changes + relying on data + developing a business fast.  

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