October 3, 2022

On corporate metaverses

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As you’re learning more about JetStyle’s services, it’s time to meet the team behind our work. 

Let us introduce Alex Markin, JetXR Creative Director. JetXR is a subdivision of JetStyle; the company is mostly concentrated on the research and development of AR, VR, MR. 

When we think of the practical usage of extended reality, we believe the future belongs to corporate metaverses. This is what JetStyle has been working on a lot these days. Why is it so? Over to Alex: 

“A corporate metaverse is great for team building. It provides tons of VR tools to hold corporate events. You can get together with all members of your global team, interact with each other and the environment, as well as demonstrate any type of presentation materials.

As we see from our experience, corporate metaverses are in great demand these days. Teams need them now and will appreciate them even more in the future.”

JetXR has organized and supervised dozens of events in corporate metaverses, so we’ve accumulated some knowledge on the topic. Stay tuned for our next blog posts. 

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