November 7, 2022

Midjourney for Teambuilding

Medium Story

AI has become the buzzword across many industries, including the design world. People argue whether the new technology can kick designers out of their profession. JetStyle’s optimistic about it: we think that AI tools are becoming equal members of designer teams. One example is our recent Medium article about Metaverses (click the button and check it out): all supporting visuals were created in Midjourney.  

AI can also be helpful to companies’ HR departments. Do you like charades? 

On Fridays, we have an all-company Zoom call. The team catches up on everything that has happened during the week. On one of these days, we played neuro-charades: a guessing game where people look at Midjourney-generated pictures and try to figure out the initial prompts. The host is there to navigate the players’ ideas. While people are discussing the wording, the co-host creates Midjourney images with the new prompts, provided by the players. Matching the initial images and the new ones is really exciting. 

A pro-tip: this game can be beneficial for the corporate culture, if the host uses prompts related to the company’s corporate code. 

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