January 18, 2023
Meet Ruzanna, Product Designer
JetStyle on LinkedIn

We’d like to introduce you to another member of JetStyle’s team. Ruzanna Babayan is a product designer with extensive UX/UI background and wide range of professional interests, from typography and inclusive design to crosscultural UX design. Her approach to work illustrates how designers at JetStyle view creation processes: 

“It may seem a paradox, but while we work on our design projects, we spend a lot of time on non-designing activities, such as audience research and testing. Ultimately, design is problem-solving, so it shouldn't be limited only by designers’ vision, you should always put your user's interest first. Good design is all about finding the perfect combo between usability, clearness, innovativeness and aesthetics”.

Ruzanna says, the information about people and the way they think is all around you; one fascinating thing about designer’s curiosity is that you never know what things you’ll find useful at your work. Later we’ll share one of the projects she participated in as UX Designer, and Ruzanna will tell more about her approach to inclusive design. 

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