February 14, 2023

Meet Liaisan, Motion Designer

See the reel

Today we continue to learn more about the JetStyle Team. Over the years we’ve managed to collect a crew of professionals, whose interests spread across a huge variety of areas. It’s amazing to work side by side with people who fascinate you with their hobbies and creative vision of the world. This kind of ‘cross-inspiration’ boosts the quality of overall work performance. 

Digital fashion & nomad Turkic tribes, how do they match? Meet Liaisan, motion designer and concept artist at JetStyle’s video production department. One of her side projects is aimed at exploring and developing Bashkir folk culture through digital fashion The Bashkirs are a minority Turkic ethnic group originally located in the Ural Mountains, between Europe and Asia. Their cultural heritage is fading out due to globalization. Liasian creates digital items such as clothes, mythology art, interior design objects featuring Bashkir national elements to celebrate her nation’s authentic culture. 

That’s what Liaisan says about her work: “In the digital world it’s so easy to lose your identity, and all the nation-specific features are likely to vanish forever. I was looking for a way to transfer my ideas about preservation of cultural values into a universal medium. It’s clothes! Digital fashion is trendy now, so why not combine the digital and the folklore?”

In the videoreel posted on Linkedin, you see Liasian’s digital items, rich with Bashkir vibes. We’re writing an article about her digital art, let us know if there’s anything you’d like to ask her. 

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