December 26, 2022

Learning Platform Development

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One more case study about the product development approach and how it helps companies adapt to new conditions. 

In 2020 IQ007, an international education center for children and JetStyle’s long term partner, needed to switch online because of the Covid pandemic. At first glance, the task seemed easy: IQ007’s teachers could use communication platforms like Zoom to conduct lessons. However, none of the existing services met the requirements of the IQ007 unique teaching methodology. It meant we had to invent their own platform. 

The process of developing the MVP of the platform is described in a Medium article (link above). It’s worth mentioning that the work on improvement of IQ007’s platform is still going on: during these two years we’ve been conducting regular research and experimenting to see what other program and design solutions could make the education process more effective and user-friendly. We appreciate the IQ007 team for being so flexible and open-minded to changes.

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