October 13, 2022
JetStyle's design approach
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We talked about XR a lot, now we’d like to share another area of JetStyle’s expertise. For more than 15 years, we have been working with UX/UI design. We will gladly show you some of our design projects, but before that - let’s talk basics. 

Design studios tend to have their own visions of what design is, so we’d like to share ours. At JetStyle, we create interaction design, because we believe human interaction is the core of any digital product. 

We believe designers are not artists. Design is not a tool for self-expression, but rather an art of engineering. When we assess the quality of design, we ask one main question: does this design solve the communication task? There’s no use in any expressive means if they do not help people reach their goals. 

What about aesthetics, you may ask? The notions of beauty, aesthetics and relevance are meaningless when considered outside the goal context. At the same time, if designers want to create visual statements understood  both rationally and emotionally, they need to have visual experience and be aware of the cultural & visual code. 

We wrote about the profession in an article on Medium; check it out!

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