July 31, 2023

JetStyle x Pika Labs

Art Compilation

We’re excited about the recent release by the Pika Labs team: they launched an AI text-2-video platform for free use and testing. Text-2-video is not an entirely new concept: NVIDIA and Gen 2 were ahead of the game earlier this year. However, JetStyle’s PR designer Alexey Perminov believes that this release is a step forward in the era of AI art. Why so? Alex shares his thoughts: 

“The thing is, the free release of Pika Labs is a true sign that complex AI tools are becoming more available for the general audience. Yes, Pika Labs has a limited set of functions and creates animations under 3 seconds long, but you can use it today for free to animate whatever you want. 

Also, I believe that Pika Labs is going to have a bright future. It's launched via Discord, just like Midjourney, so it has inherited the art evaluation feature. As users give feedback to what Pika Labs creates, we’ll see more practical features with each update.” 

Of course, our designers could not miss the chance to experiment with Pika Labs. See our AI-based animation art on Linkedin.

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