October 6, 2022

JetFeet, a part of JetXR Metaverse SDK

Watch the JetFEET video reel

We’ve developed dozens of projects featuring virtual reality, so we know the ins and outs of the production process. We thought it might be fun to open up about the biggest pain all developers deal with - and show you how we cope with it.  

Full body tracking has been a massive stumbling point for the industry, as all modern VR-headsets track only the position and movement of the head and hands. A person’s lower body is out of the picture, as it is hardly accessible for equipment tracking. To overcome the sensory distortion, developers have to come up with various workaround solutions. 

As a result, we all get these really weird-looking VR-avatars. Their leg movements remind us of the 2000s’ video games. Their feet hover over the surface defying the gravity laws; position calibration fails. The avatars’ movements make you think you should have your hip checked by a doctor. 

At JetXR, we wanted to find a way to compensate for the lack of adequate full body tracking - and we believe we did it. Without further ado, meet JetFeet, a part of JetXR Metaverse SDK. In the video reel you’ll see how we achieved smooth lower body locomotion. 

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