April 11, 2023

JET-nastics by Maks Smirnov

Talent Development

At JetStyle, we have lots of exciting initiatives devoted to talent development. We’re going to share one of our corporate education activities: 

Maks Smirnov, who we talked about the other day, and Konstantin Ostroukhov, are JetStyle’s art directors. In 2020 they launched JET-nastics, a corporate knowledge sharing project. It was a pandemic year and all the designers were looking for a way to stay in touch in the new remote work mode. We believe JET-nastics served this goal well, and it turned out to be a success.

The primary goal of JET-nastics is to provide education and training opportunities for our designers. During a weekly 2-hour call, the team discusses best practices in various areas of design, soft skills development, digital etiquette, new software review, and more. For example, in March, the team shared their experiences on how to make the best use of Stable Diffusion 3. JET-nastics is always evolving, and our team is constantly developing new formats to stay on top of the fast-changing world.

Read more about our talent development practices on the website (click the link)

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