October 18, 2022
Events in corporate metaverses pt. 2
Medium article

Last week we started talking about events in metaverses. Today we’ll look into the specifics of preparing corporate activities in VR. 

How do you select a VR platform for an event? It is safe to say that the existing systems (Roblox, Fortnite, Decentraland, Minecraft) can cover a huge variety of event-management needs. However, there still can be some limitations depending on the platform. 

Also, an organizer has to take care of some VR-specific technical things: levels of privacy in chats, mechanisms of entering or leaving a chat, ways of making public announcements, etc.  

You should know exactly what you want from a corporate metaverse and understand your goals and requirements. The rest is just the technical mastery of your XR provider. 

If you want a more detailed review of this theme, you can visit our Medium blog where we shared an article on events in metaverses. Click the button above to read it.

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