October 11, 2022

Events in corporate metaverses Pt. 1

Let's talk

Let’s talk about holding events in VR. 

At JetStyle, we have organized and supervised a few of these, so we can tell you about the practical side of the matter. 

Why would a business choose to have a corporate event in VR rather than in Zoom or offline? The answer is: metaverses provide great team building experience for global teams. 

What about the challenges? First of all, you need a strict plan of activities to maintain audience engagement. In VR in case of a lack of interest, participants can just take their headsets off - and the meeting is over for them. In actual reality this aspect can be facilitated with the art of a host’s charisma. 

Next time we will talk about choosing a venue for your corporate meta-event. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, we’re here to chat.

Let’s talk