January 13, 2023
Book About Product Development
Available for free on Amazon

There are so many strategic approaches to developing something new, be it a service or business. As advocates for the product development approach, we know how it can bring the most value to your business at the earliest time possible. At the same time, we know information is power. You cannot start something new without having enough understanding about it. 

We thought it could be a great idea to release a mini book dedicated to various aspects of the product development philosophy. This one is written by Alexey Kulakov, JetStyle’s co-founder and CEO and Ridero’s Chief Product Officer. 

The book tells about the place of the product development approach among other strategic schools and gives the general ideas of what a product is. Also, Alexey has compiled a series of questions entrepreneurs need to ask themselves before starting a new product - and what they need at different stages of product development. 

That and other different aspects - in the first edition available for free on Amazon (click the link above). We appreciate any feedback, don’t hesitate to let us know what you think and if you found the book useful.

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