December 19, 2022

Bang! Bang! Pull Your RevolVRs

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One more exciting implementation of VR lies in the gaming industry. As headsets are becoming more and more available for the general audience, the niche is growing fast. At JetStyle, we have experience of developing VR games that make their way to the heart of the end consumer. 

Let’s look at RevolVR 3. This is a VR shooter set in the Wild West and created for our Estonia-based partner Never Bored. The previous installments of the franchise - RevolVR and RevolVR 2 - have been available exclusively for LBE, as a part of the PlayVR platform. RevolVR 3 is perfect for playing at home. Just put on your headset and engage in dozens of social mechanics with players all around the world. The legends about the Wild West come alive in the game. Start a joyful fire fight, shoot on bottles or play Russian roulette to add more thrill. All in a classic Wild West saloon for greater authenticity. Click the link above to read the case study revealing all details of the production process.

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