May 21, 2024

Background Video

Video for Invest Engine

At JetStyle we are fans of animated content because it’s easier to perceive, that’s why it engages your audience more effectively. One of related genres is background videos; they’re used on the opening screens of websites. How does your website benefit from background videos? 

🎥 It conveys your brand tone of voice better that static imagery or just texts, 

🎥 If your product is complex, you may add some useful details into the video and make the product easier to understand. 

🎥  An optimized background video will attract attention on mobile versions of the website. It’s a must in the era of increased mobile traffic! 

Look at the video we created for our partners at Invest Engine, an investment platform. Our job was to make an enticing branded background and convey the general idea of how the service functions: 

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