2022 is the year of AI art generator tools in the design world. People contemplate whether AI can push humans out of the profession and learn to create deep meaningful work. 

We talked with JetStyle’s CEO and co-founder Alexey Kulakov about this: 

“I’m pretty sure the profession of a designer will stay safe and sound. My favourite metaphor to support my point is music. When electronic music tools appeared, did musicians and composers lose their jobs? They didn’t; however, a new profession was born and now we have DJs. I guess designers could be the DJs in their industry.

The ability of humans to form teams and co-create things is gaining even more momentum these days. It's the shared expertise that matters. Now we are welcoming new team members; they don’t have any flesh and blood, but they are still extremely creative and talented.”

Btw, the visuals you see were created in Midjourney. What do you think about the future of design?

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