May 23, 2023

AI & Carbon Footprint

Green Projects

AI is a huge phenomenon these days. However, there seems to be a considerable environmental drawback to it. Let’s see: the increased usage of AI requires higher computational powers. They, in turn, provoke a higher server workload, which leads to a bigger amount of greenhouse gas emissions by data centers. AI’s carbon footprint has been causing much concern among environmentalists. 

There is no doubt that we need thoughtful initiatives to make the field of AI more sustainable. Meanwhile, the situation means we have to take a more active stand in all of our activities aimed at preserving the future of the planet. 

We’ve been engaged in green projects for over 6 years now. JetStyle is open for collaboration with sustainably-oriented businesses. If your initiative, startup or enterprise needs a powerful representation of your mission and values, we are the team. Our expertise covers brand identity development, web & UX/UI design. View our portfolio (link above) and get in touch via

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