June 20, 2023

ADAM Tower: Client Testimonial

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We cannot emphasize enough how thrilled we are when our clients express their satisfaction with our work. It becomes even more touching and meaningful, if this positive feedback comes from a long-term client.  

Peter Hillebrands is a founder of A'DAM VR Park; we’ve been covering the team’s VR production needs for a few years now, together with our partners at Extra Axis. Peter has shared his kind words about our collaboration during one of the latest projects, a VR ride around Scheveningen in the Netherlands:

“JetStyle impressed us with their vast expertise, attention to detail, and their passion for creating immersive experiences. This combination resulted in a project that has surpassed all expectations, both from a user experience and a financial perspective. The Scheveningen VR Ride has been an overwhelming success, drawing in visitors from all over the Netherlands, and significantly boosting our revenue stream.

The level of immersion achieved by JetStyle is truly extraordinary. The guys have utilized advanced VR technology to craft a multi-sensory experience. It’s so real it’s almost uncanny. You can almost feel the sea breeze, smell the salty air, hear the seagulls, and see the panoramic view of Scheveningen's picturesque shoreline. I’m looking forward to creating something beautiful together again”. 

Visit our website to view the project’s case study (link above), and get in touch if you want to use VR for your business profits. 

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