June 13, 2023

Accessibility of VR Rides


To continue the conversation about VR, we’d like to highlight a feature that we cultivate in any VR project we release. 

It's the accessibility of all our VR experiences. VR is magical and fun, that’s why we try to make it available for any user groups. Achieving high levels of accessibility usually requires several rounds of customer research, testing UX/UI engineering and feedback collection. 

The work is totally worth it: we can say that we’ve mastered up our VR experiences so that they are universal and well-optimized. 

For instance, let’s look at VR rides. They are said to be really similar to rollercoaster rides in terms of the excitement and intensity they provide. However, client feedback indicates that our VR rides are a good fit for people with weak VR legs, and they don’t require any special preparation or equipment to be used. 

Click the link to watch the video showcasing the 3D graphics and creative elements of the rides we launch.

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