May 3, 2023

3D Talk by Ivan Knyazev

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We’ve been sharing our favorite talent development practices lately, and there’s one more activity we’d like to tell you about. 

3D Talk has been launched by Ivan Knyazev, one of JetStyle’s Art Directors. Since 2015, he’s gained expertise in Unity Development, VR Gaming, 3D Modelling & Design, project management and research. 

3D Talk is a weekly meetup dedicated to everything new and useful in the area of 3D design. Our VR, Unity development and 3D design teams either share knowledge in general topics, such as composition, character animation or lighting, or research new programs and technologies.

Ivan mentions that the topics discussed during the meetings often turn out useful in their regular work. For instance, recently 3D Talk has covered nuances and lifehacks of effective project management. Now our designers and developers use these ideas for better data storing, sharing and exchange. 

If you missed our previous posts about our corporate activities, read our article (click the button above).

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