February 9, 2021

Beta testing of RevolVR 3

You probably don't know yet (and now you will), that together with Dima Productions, we are working on a real VR shooter – RevolVR 3 for Never Bored studio.

Wild West spirit, saloon shootouts, space, robots – welcome to our world!

The game is now in beta testing. It will require a computer and a VR headset. You can check the minimum requirements here.

RevolVR 3 is an online multiplayer game so we need y'all to gather together at the same time to crush our servers, ruin our game logic and find critical bugs.

How to take part in the beta testing? Easy as pie:

1. Join the RevolVR 3 Discord channel

2. Ping @NeverBored or @Noir and we will send you the key in DM.

We scheduled four time slots for different time zones and hope you guys will be active during these one-hour beta-testing slots, so everyone can find a team/rivals to play with. Developers and in-house beta testers will join you too.

Time slots for the next 2 weeks:

6 PM — 7 PM  IST  (UTC+5:30)

6 PM — 7 PM UTC (UTC-0)

6 PM — 7 PM EST (UTC-5)

6 PM — 7 PM PST (UTC-8)

At other times, you can play with bots, practice bottle shooting or maybe find someone else online. We’ve created #match_making channel so it's easier for you to find game partners.

You can report any bugs in #report_bug channel on Discord, leave comments and requests in #request_feature channel. And you are very welcome to make streams, post let’s play videos or any kind of materials related to RevolVR 3.

Shares and reposts are highly appreciated – we need to test the game as much as possible before launching it)

And make sure you watch this promo video for the game with our designers and a director as guest stars!)

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