January 16, 2023

Sharing our opinion: What is creativity?

What exactly is creativity? How would you define it? For us, creativity has never been about just cool or trendy stuff. Here is what our CEO Alexey Kulakov says on this subject in his interview with CMS Magazine.

"I understand creativity as a search for elegant and smart engineering solutions. We treat each fact of communication as an inventive task. Just imagine it: there is a black box with a person in a particular condition at the entrance and the profit at the exist. And then there is a game: “the less effort the person spent to accomplish the desired action, the better we solved the task”.

But there are times in communication when we need to appeal to the user’s emotions in which we are looking for bright and out of the box solutions when we want big effects as they are a means of efficiency.

If, for instance, you need to stand out from a number of other proposals but you don’t have any rational advantages. Or you want to improve the metrics of your digital ecosystem by getting loyal customers. For example, the conversion of purchase has increased, because the customer buys something spontaneously and emotionally. Or you have more customers coming back because you managed to reach their hearts and turn them into your loyal clients.

If we talk about the ways to boost our employees’ creativity, we have a lot of educational activities at JetStyle. For example, there is a format called “Izyum” (“Raisin”). It’s about coming up with various solutions for the client’s challenge as if there are no any technical or financial limitations. Because in real life, we often have to give up on great solutions due to these exact reasons. And this format allows us to go “wild" in our creativity and come up with something new and unusual. Anyone can participate in this creative flow – managers, designers and developers.

Speaking of the examples of our creative solutions, I’d like to mention our favourite posters. The challenge was to come up with a gift for JetStyle’s clients that would translate our brand values and would work for a long time. We were going through various options and then the idea of posters with augmented reality appeared. On the one hand, they demonstrate our company’s abilities (both in terms of design and technologies), on the other hand, they stay in our clients and friends’ offices for a long time, make them laugh, keep them in a good mood and remind them about us.

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