July 2, 2024

Midjourney Feature Review

Some great news from the world of AI-based design: 

Midjourney updated its style reference feature. Previously we added a link to an existing reference image. Now a style can be applied via a digital code in the prompt. Recently Midjourney allowed combining several codes in one prompt. 

JetStyle’s motion designer Laysan Baibulova has been experimenting with the --sref feature a lot, and she confirms that it provides the best style consistency AI is capable of. It’s a great step forward for implementing AI in our clients’ projects: we can create visuals for different kinds of media, and they will form a coherent design system together. 

One tricky thing is that Midjourney does not provide any official list of style references, so designers look for prompts on social media, Discord channels, or by adding ‘random’ to the prompt. Experimenting with the random feature feels like treasure hunting: you test the codes, collect the ones you are impressed with, and keep looking for more.

Laysan shares some of her favorite codes, try them out: 

--sref 955852072 stylish 3D

--sref 3584995631 cute sketches 

--sref 2645211597 double exposure 

--sref 541374584 oil painting 

--sref 1780067407 metal look 

Laysan and other AI enthusiasts at JetStyle keep searching for stunning style reference codes, so our team is well-equipped to solve all your creative design tasks. 

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