April 23, 2019

JetStyle at the “PIK IT” Open Days

Last month we took part in the Open Days for the IT industry called “PIK IT” – a two-day event, which was held at the Ural Federal University.

We had 3 workshops and the opportunity to talk with students, schoolchildren, and everyone interested in the IT industry.

Our first workshop was devoted to the topic of machine learning, neural networks, and natural language processing. Is it just hype or can it be useful for business? We talked with our team leader and ML-developer about what Machine Learning is, why do you need it, and what kind of knowledge and skills you will need if you want to work in the field of ML.

We then had a meeting with our HR director and design and development leads. We talked about how to choose a dream company to work for (because it is very important to love your job and workplace!). Our HR-director told about what HR managers pay attention to, how to write to the company to get their attention (and not to get into spam) and a job offer. And the leaders of different departments of JetStyle have told what they are looking at and what is important to them in their potential employees and colleagues.

At the meeting with our co-founder and head of AR and VR department, we talked about how the environment we live in is constantly changing. We looked at what happened 5 years ago, how our life might change in 5 years time, and what it means in terms of future career options and opportunities.

Overall, it was a very interesting event and we hope all participants found it useful.

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