January 19, 2023

Free Oculus Quest 2 VR headset skin template by JetStyle

Our VR development department has a lot of equipment. The most popular VR headsets are Oculus/Meta Quest 2. But there is one problem with them: they are all pretty, white and look exactly the same.

To be able to easily tell them apart from afar, you need stickers, but there are not many ready-made templates for Quest 2 on the web, and those that are available are not free.

Therefore, we decided to design our own VR headset skin template and chose some popular characters to go on it. That's how Night Fox, Kamikaze, Coco, Hulk and Ant-Man came into our lives.

Do you want to personalise your Quest 2 too? Here's a free VR headset skin template by JetStyle for you!  

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