February 19, 2020

Movix VR app: Case Study

A new week – a new case study!

Together with the Dom.ru Movix team, we created Dom.ru Movix VR – an application for virtual reality headsets. Dom.ru was the first among pay TV operators in Russia to launch its own app for watching films and broadcasts in VR.

This project has won Silver for the Best app for TV at the Tagline Awards 2019.

About the project

Together with the Dom.ru Movix team, we decided to touch the future today. And why not start by watching TV in VR! That's exactly what our app is about.

The user puts on a VR headset and enters the virtual living room with a 150-inch screen. 20 TV channels are available for viewing on the virtual screen at the beta testing stage. But starting this year, the clients of Dom.ru will be able to watch all TV channels in their virtual room according to the chosen tariff plan, as well as purchased films and subscriptions.

In addition to the VR-application, we also made its promotional page.

Challenge and solution

The user can choose to watch alone or with the company. If they indicate that they don't want to watch TV alone, then the next user to respond the same will join them. In the future, a function of viewing TV with a specific user from the friend list will be implemented.

Up to four people-“avatars” can join the live stream at the same time. The users in the virtual room can communicate with each other through a microphone built into a VR headset, and select channels for sharing. It doesn’t matter whether they are in the same room or different parts of the world.

To use the app, you will need a virtual reality headset and connection to the Internet. Dom.ru Movix VR is compatible with all popular VR platforms: GearVR, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Google Daydream. The application is controlled by a controller or the buttons on the VR headset. In the future, the range of content available in the app will expand.

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