June 11, 2024

Augmenting Corporate Reality

We’ve developed AR experiences since 2013. Recently it has become a global phenomenon, and we’ve noticed businesses expressing more demand for it. AR can be especially spectacular as a corporate gift for clients. Let’s see how it works! 

What is AR

AR connects the physical and the digital worlds. We view the reality that is augmented with 3D objects on the device. 

AR is an accessible technology; the market is growing rapidly and according to research by Threekit Platform, it may even outgrow the VR market in terms of revenue. Global Market Insight found out that 61% of consumers stated they preferred retail manufacturers who provided AR experience. 40% of consumers would pay more for products with AR. 

The important reason why AR is so popular: you don’t need any special apps to use it. You can launch an AR experience right from your smartphone browser. There are no barriers between the user and the brand.

Corporate AR at JetStyle 

We love giving thoughtful and useful presents to our clients and partners. In 2023 we gifted phone/tablet holders. Of course, we couldn’t go without a unique AR-touch! 

Each phone holder has a sticker with a QR code on it. The code takes users to a landing page with warm New Year wishes and an AR scene. A flying cyberpunk-style car delivers digital presents, and promises to bring new entertainment later in the year. 

AR is a renewable experience, and we add new scenes to our gift throughout the year: to celebrate other holidays or just mark the change of seasons. 

Better start now 

AR is magic, but you cannot just wave a wand over a hat and pull an AR entertainment out of it. Usually, the production roadmap looks like this: 

  • Scene development: our designers plan the layout of AR objects as they should not interfere with the real-life surroundings. 
  • 3D modeling: we figure out the level of detail and creativity. The objects need to look natural and artistically impressive. 
  • Optimization: our animations have to look smooth on all kinds of modern devices. 
  • Technical fine-tuning: everything should run bug-free. 

Let’s see if you can use AR to surprise your clients and partners for Christmas. If we start the project now, we’re going to have plenty of time to brainstorm a mind-blowing concept of corporate gifts, to execute and launch a brilliant AR campaign. Your marketing team will be happy! Sign up for a free discovery call: 


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