June 7, 2023

AI in PR, HR and Production

How AI Helps To Reimagine Company’s HR, PR and Production

While the design community is looking for creative ways to use neural networks in their work, we’d like to share a few of our ideas. Our experience demonstrates that AI tools such as Midjourney, ChatGPT, DALL-E 2, Stable Diffusion can greatly enhance work processes in XR production, PR & HR activities.

We’ve been a part of today’s hottest debate on whether AI is going to replace humans. Our experiments with AI show that these services are great for fulfilling routine tasks, brainstorming, concepting and sketching. However, excluding people out of the creative process does not make sense, and people’s minds guide AI to create beautiful things. A human designer’s vision, style and experience are crucial in the process, while the neural database comes in handy.

Konstantin Ostroukhov, Art Director at JetStyle, is a UX/UI designer and a keen researcher of AI. Recently he’s given a talk at a professional conference about implementation of AI in various spheres of the digital world. In this article we highlighted his key ideas about AI in the work of a digital specialist. You might find our ideas inspiring, as we have indeed found ways to use AI tools for our benefit, to boost our creativity and save time.

Let’s see how AI accelerates XR development.

Basically, neural networks serve as an awesome time saver. They optimize concept creation and assets development.

Let’s take a look at the first activity. Creating a 360-degree panoramic view is incredibly effort-consuming. Sometimes, at preliminary levels of communication with a potential client, we use neural networks to illustrate our ideas. Midjorney becomes a creative brainstorming partner, and the result is impressive too! The thing is, Midjourney can be easily guided by emotion-based prompts and not just specific design-related ones. Often it leads to unexpected ideas and brings more innovation into the resulting image.

Also, we use Midjourney to create assets for our 3D worlds. It’s turned out to be a great tool for generating background objects, textures and scenery elements. Another AI-based service, Blockade Labs, helps to build additional context in 360-degree views.

Once we had to pitch ideas to a cake shop business; it took our VFX artists about 4 hours to generate whimsical-neony-Willy Wonka-style 360-degree panoramas. If it wasn’t for Midjourney assistance, the process would’ve taken a dozen times longer.

Still, neural networks aren’t omnipotent. We’d love to see some AI-based UV-unwrapping tools and ones that would facilitate Image-to-3D conversion. Hopefully, AI evolves to this!

What about AI in HR?

Konstantin shares that AI can also be helpful during corporate team building activities. First and foremost, we won’t even mention countless times we used Chat-GPT to tell each other jokes.

Do you like charades? On Fridays, we have an all-company Zoom call. It’s been our tradition since the lockdown of 2020, when we needed to compensate for the lack of face-to-face communication. During these calls, the team catches up on everything that has happened during the week.

On one of these days, we played neuro-charades: a guessing game where people look at Midjourney-generated pictures and try to figure out the initial prompts. The host is there to navigate the players’ ideas. While people are discussing the wording, the co-host creates Midjourney images with the new prompts, provided by the players. Matching the initial images and the new ones is really exciting.

A pro-tip: this game can be beneficial for the corporate culture, if the host uses prompts related to the company’s corporate code.

Prompt: Future of JetStyle (Midjourney November 2022)

Also, we experimented to see what JetStyle would look like as a person.

Look at a piece of artwork from that game session. Can you guess what the initial Midjourney prompt was?

Another activity that featured AI-generated art was our ‘Skill Oscar’ awards: we shared ideas for our future educational courses, and voted for our favorite ones. JetStyle’s HR manager, who was facilitating the voting process, used Midjourney to illustrate the educational concepts. It turned out to be a lot of fun. My personal favorite was an illustration for playing the rubber chicken as a musical instrument.

Also, when we had our office Olympiad, Midjourney helped our PR designer to create these beautiful participation certificates:

Finally, let’s discuss AI in design for the PR department.

AI-based design tools are awesome for:

  • Social media visuals
  • Marketing campaign materials (banners, book covers)
  • Publication images

If you’re looking for info on what service to use – here’s our brief review of the top AI tools for design:

  • Midjourney is the most popular and accessible one, with convenient payment options and simple user-friendly interface (it works via Discord).
  • Stable Diffusion is like Linux compared with Apple – its interface is much more complicated, however, the service is free of charge. You can launch it locally on your computer. Stable Diffusion has a couple of cool features, such as inpainting and outpainting. We’ve noticed that SD is a quite literal neural network, and it needs very detailed prompts to generate your ideas. At the same time, it also means that this network is more controllable.
  • DALL-E 2 is also a pretty literate neural network, with adequate user interface, inpainting & outpainting.
  • Adobe Firefly is a newly released tool trained on Adobe’s dataset. Potentially, it may be a solid competitor to Canva and similar graphic design platforms.

My colleague Alexey Perminov – who’s our PR designer – wrote an article where he reveals details about his work with neural networks.

To conclude:

Neural networks are not “the great leveler” of professional skills. Our proficiency is more relevant, and we use AI as a tool to upgrade and enhance it. Neural tools are a source of great fun, which can bring lots of benefits to a company’s corporate culture.


Share your ideas about using AI in various spheres of your business. If you have a task that you can solve using neural networks, and you need an experienced contractor – get in touch with us. Book a free consultation (link above).

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