December 16, 2021

Alexey Kulakov at MIND-15

Next Thursday, December 23, our CEO Alexey Kulakov will speak at MIND-15 – a digital stand-up organised by ARDA and Magwai, where invited speakers share their experience, life hacks and non-standard solutions to complex problems. The topic of the event is own product in a digital agency. And we definitely have something to say about this!

JetStyle has both successful and unsuccessful experiences in launching our own products in areas ranging from thinking tools to educational games and home renovations. In addition, eight years ago, we agreed to co-found the publishing service Rideró. Alexey will share his conclusions based on this experience.

We will talk about what opportunities your own product opens up for you and what are the difficulties of launching a product within a digital production company: how to compete for resources, how to manage a new business and to whom to delegate management, how to build a business with a partner and what problems await everyone, who decided on it.

In general, we will discuss whether the game is worth the risk and how to make sure that the first attempt to create a product inside a production company does not become the last one.

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