Plazius is a service for mobile payments, rewards, and gifts. It allows you to pay for the meal and leave tips without waiting for the waiter.And also to get bonuses and use them to pay for your next orders.
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How it all began

We started working with the Plazius team in summer 2016. The application already worked, but our challenge was to redesign it in order to expand the concept of the product, multiply the benefits and, as a consequence, the number of users.

Today the client develops the product on its own, including the design. In 2018, the app doesn’t look the same as what we will show you here. We helped the client to update the style and design and then passed the baton in autumn 2017. And here is how this story began.

Main screen

This is the starting point for interaction with the order – a user enters the code from their order’s receipt in a special field.

If the user is next to the counter with the cashier, they can simply voice the code generated in Plazius app or show the barcode.

Order screen

Next, the user sees the full information about the current order, they can use bonus points, leave tips and proceed to the payment information screen.
Total amount of the order
Bonus points payment
Cashless tips
Payment method

Order payment

Depending on the restaurant’s payment methods accepted, the user can choose between paying by card, by cash or through Sberbank Online.
By linking a bank card, the user enters a webview form. We made it look as close to the app screen as possible so that it maintains a single context for the user.

Feedback Screen

The app suggests the user to send feedback as soon as they paid the bill. Restaurants receive instant feedback and analytics on their deals and offers.

Restaurants search

The app shows the user all the places that work with Plazius, sorts them by the distance to the current location and indicates how many bonus rubles are accumulated. There is also detailed information about each restaurant.


The app is personalised. The user can link a bank card, view the app’s usage statistics, the history of orders, ask a question or immediately find the answer in the FAQ section.


We needed to find the way to tell new users how to use the app in a simple and interesting form so they wouldn’t leave the screen. We conducted a market analysis and collected some ideas. Our solution was animation and cool content.
Always with you. Don’t worry if you forgot your wallet
Pay with the app – no need to wait for the waiter
Get discounts when paying with bonus rubles
Leave tips without using cash
Reliable and safe
Before we’ve got the final scenario, we came up with a bunch of fun options.
In addition, we’ve developed a beautiful throbber. It did not go into production, but we still want to share it with you :)


We often get approached by startup teams, and we help them at the beginning. They then grow up, and we pass the baton back to them so they can continue to work on their own. We are glad that we had an opportunity to work with Plazius and that during the time of our collaboration the app has received some great awards:
Runet Rating 2017
1st placeNomination: Mobile apps «Recreation, leisure, shopping»
Tagline Awards 2016
3rd placeNomination:
«Best service app»


«JetStyle! Работа с вами — одно удовольствие! Нам есть с чем сравнить, ведь от предыдущего подрядчика мы, в прямом смысле слова, сбежали!

Ребята смогли быстро погрузиться в специфику нашего бизнеса, изучить процессы, предложить улучшения и способы модернизации существующей инфраструктуры. Очень порадовало наличие опыта интеграции с СRM-системой, на которой мы работаем уже второй год, это оказалось огромным плюсом при запуске и отладке, т.к. вопросов возникало не мало, а сроки были сжатыми.»

The Team

Darya Tziranova
Mikhail Singaevsky
Art director
Alexander Golovanov
Lead designer
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