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The “Good Text” project was born as an offline School of literary craftsmanship. Its first session was held in January 2016. They mainly used Facebook for promotion and support. However, the founders wanted to support the life of their community outside of the training sessions too.

And that’s how the idea came about to have a website where readers, publishers and writers – both amateur and professional, would be able to communicate with each other and have all sorts of literate discussions.


To create a convenient single portal for communication between writers, readers and critics, with a forum, an online library and an almanac.

The objectives

– To build a website with a registration form and a personal cabinet

– To design a forum page

– To create an almanac publishing system
Apart from that, we decided to go an extra mile and do the site not just fast, but very, very fast, and so we did everything in React.

The beginning of work

We developed a logo and selected a style for the future website. At the same stage, we thought out the portal’s functions and the way it would work, decided on a colour scheme and designed the main page.


The first step into the closed “Good Text” community is registration. We made it as simple as possible. All you need is your email address.

Registered user

After the registration, a user can access all the main sections of the site as well as a personal cabinet where they can track messages and notifications from the forum.


For the Forum, we came up with a filter that shows the most discussed, the most ranked texts and the latest comments.
At the forum, any member of the community can publish their texts for everyone to read and discuss them. It is very important for the authors, as it is the comments where all the interesting discussions begin.

Qualified reader

After the registration, a user can pay for the subscription and get the access to all sections of the site. In order to evaluate texts and write reviews, they need to get the "Qualified reader” status.
To do this, you need to pay for the subscription and take the test.
This approach guarantees a truly expert community.


The almanac of the "Good Text" is a collection of texts written by the community members.
Anyone could become an author of the almanac, from experienced writers to someone who’s never been published before. All you need to do is to fill in the form, send the text and be ready for some adequate criticism.
The Almanac will be published in printed and electronic form.
As the almanac is planned to have a large number of pages, we developed an e-reader to make the reading process even more convenient.
A reader can change the background and the font size.
And add margin notes.


We paid special attention to the speed of the website, as it affects the convenience and overall impression of users.
We combined various technologies and made a website that quickly loads and works on any devices.
The most popular and trendy framework for creating client web applications
Static assets generator for the client application
The coolest framework for creating server-based applications in Python
A temporary nosql-storage for caching and data exchange between microservices
is an asynchronous task queue/job queue written in Python, based on distributed message passing
Such a small, but very useful thing that accepts requests from NGINX and distributes them to different Django workers.
A popular and fast web server that accepts requests from users and gives them the result of work.
Careful data storage and fast exchange.


What users think about the project:
Sergey Grazhdankin
June 27
There are two of us: one speaks,  the other one thinks. We both believe that the text must be good!
Olesya Popova
July 14
A great opportunity to learn how to express your thoughts the right way. Bravo to the authors and good luck!
Elena Kopeikina
March 16
I have just recently joined you. And I really like what I saw, heard and felt. It’s so good when one is given a chance to show oneself, to speak out, and the other one – to see, hear and think about it.
What client thinks about the project:
In my opinion, the JetStyle team worked very professionally and responsibly, aiming to achieve the business goals of the client. Based on their experience, they provided recommendations for improving or simplifying the implementation of various functions, which was very valuable, in terms of lack of time and resources.

All the urgent tasks were completed on time, and the implementation of the project was always spot on. We now continue to work on improving and developing the project. I also want to mention, that if the client wasn’t right on something, the team was always there to express their opinion, in order to minimise potential harm.

I believe that JetStyle is a professional and competent team. Many thanks to designers and developers. If I had a new project, I’d do it with them only!
Nelya Artyukhova
Project manager at “Good Text”

The Team

Smirnov Max
Art director
Stepanov Alexander
Pugachev Alexey
Kamalova Sasha
Semyachkin Vitaly
Deis Timofey
Potapenko Gleb
Front-end developer
Belyaev Sergey
Front-end developer
Lapshin Dmitry
Tsiranova Darya
Singaevsky Mikhail
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