Development of portals for doctors

Servier is an international independent pharmaceutical company. Its main therapeutic areas are:

— cardiovascular diseases,
— neurodegenerative diseases,
— Diabetes,
— immune-inflammatory diseases,
— oncology.

Servier is an international independent pharmaceutical company

Our tasks

To develop a single universal platform for specialised medical communities, with the ability to quickly launch a new portal.

To launch the first communities: Cardioteka and Phleboteka.

Don't doctors have enough information?

Not all doctors have the possibility to visit foreign conferences or read the latest research in English, and there are few reliable sources of information on the Internet, in particular about the effectiveness of the medication. On the new portals, Russian doctors will publish recent data and translations of foreign studies for their colleagues.

User Experience

Design and Identity

We developed a unified system for constructing logos and choosing brand colours, drew a series of linear icons for articles, and came up with metaphors for the design of 404 error pages.

For doctors who work with heart
At the cutting edge of science and art

Simplicity and accessibility

The target audience of medical portals is diverse: from medical students and young specialists to experienced doctors in hospitals and polyclinics in the regions.

To make using the resource convenient for people of any age and with any experience, we have designed the most simple and intuitive interface, without any extra decorations and animations. Only the necessary stuff. 

Adaptive layout

We predicted that most of the target audience would visit the portals from the desktop, but made websites adaptive so that they are convenient for everyone to use.

Single admin panel

We created one content management system that is universal for all project's communities. With its help, Servier employees and portal editors draw up materials and publish them in the desired section.


The portals are integrated with CRM and mailing lists so that the client's database of community members is automatically generated and updated by segment.

SEO Optimisation

We conducted a one-time search engine optimisation of both portals to increase their visibility on Google and Yandex.


To become a member of the community and gain access to all materials, a user needs to register and pass a test on knowledge of the topic — since, first of all, this is a professional community of doctors.

Site search

Search is the weak point of many content-based resources. For users to quickly find the materials they need, we marked up all publications by category and developed a smart search on the site. The search results are shown not just as a list of articles with highlighted keywords, but as detailed information: what type of publication, in which section and how many relevant materials are in each of them.

Discussions with experts in the comments

We added an element of social media to the information portal — the ability to comment on materials, ask an expert a question, and share an opinion about the problem.

Memos for doctors and patients

Portal users can download illustrated pdf notes, send them to patients by e-mail and add to their favourites so that they are always at hand.

Video library

The portal stores videos of medical conferences and webinars, reports, and lectures of specialists, as well as videos from operating rooms. To quickly find the desired video, we added a filter by category.

To quickly find the desired video, we added a filter by category.


We prepared several letter templates so that editors could create digests and announcements themselves without the help of a designer.

Website traffic is increasing

November ‘18 – September ‘19




















is winning!

PCs and laptops

37 %

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55 %


New communities to be launched soon

In the meantime, we are gradually finishing off Cardioteka and Phleboteka and comprehend the subtleties of developing specialised medical communities.

Client's Testimonial

Dear Alexey Yaroslavovich and colleagues!

With this letter we want to express gratitude for the fruitful cooperation in the framework of joint projects. The team’s high professionalism and well-organised work allowed us to successfully develop online portals for specialists Cardioteka and Phleboteka. We would also like to thank you for your creative approach, your willingness to look for individual solutions for each issue, and operational support.

Yana Georgievna Rostovtseva – Managing Director for Russia, JSC Servier

The Team


Elena Dvoryashina - designer
Maxim Smirnov - art director


Vitaliy Semyachkin - team lead
Alexander Fevralev (October 2016 – July 2018)
Anna Neustroeva (August 2018 – Present)

First iteration developers

Evgeny Markov
Sergey Belyaev
Gleb Potapenko
Nikita Martyanov
Timofey Deis


Andrey Berg – frontend developer
Vadim Bazhov – backend developer
Vladimir Sazhin – backend developer
Ivan Zverev – head of backend and frontend support

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