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Tagline Awards 2019 Prize Winner


Insis is one of the largest telecom operators in the Sverdlovsk Region (Russia), providing a full range of telecom services for individuals and legal entities.

We have been collaborating with the company since 2014, and during this time, we have developed a new website, a set-top box interface, and many other interesting projects for them.
Working process

This time we will tell you how we redesigned user profiles for Insis services.

Insis asked us to conduct an audit of the user profile of their Cloud CCTV service. Based on the audit results, we presented a redesign concept in which we updated the style and simplified navigation.
The redesign showed good results: the Cloud CCTV service features that were difficult to find in the old interface, became popular. Users began to really use them. Therefore, it was decided to include user profiles of all Insis services in the project. During 2019, we updated two more of them: WiFi Hotspot and Virtual PBX.


When switching from one user profile to another, the user doesn't have any discomfort or doubt what to look for, what their actions will lead to, and where to find the necessary information.
Переключайтесь по разделам кейса при помощи меню.
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Cloud CCTV

Cloud CCTV is the ability to watch video from the security camera live or recorded – on a smartphone, computer, or TV. All recorded videos are stored in the cloud on servers at the Insis data center.
We drew designs of all the screens, menus, and control elements.
We spent a lot of time working on the look of the timeline so that all events can be easily read at a glance.
Mobile app

Mobile version

First, we prepared the desktop version of the user profile, and then based on it we developed the design of mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Great results

The user profile turned out to be convenient, intuitive, and modern, with the possibility of expanding functionality in the future. The client is satisfied with the outcome and considers the new interface their calling card for promoting the service throughout Russia.
service sales growth
reduced customer churn
increase in the growth rate of new users
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WiFi Hotspot

A hotspot is an Internet access point that you can connect to in cafes, gyms, car washes, and other public places. In the user profile, the service users (owners of hotspots) can manage access points, set up ads, and track statistics.
New features

Advertising campaigns and surveys

In the process of redesigning the hotspot management service, we added the ability to set up advertising campaigns.
The administrator can add customer surveys, banner ads, change the text, background images, and colour palette. It works like a mini landing page builder.
New features

Statistics view

Statistics, tables, and graphs are now available in the hotspot user profile – everything that will help to identify effective advertising campaigns and increase conversion rates.

Great results

WiFi hotspots owners have got the easiest tool to build their login pages.
Sales of the service grew by about 5% in a short period even without an advertising campaign.
Insis receives a large number of positive reviews, including from major customers like Powerhouse Gym, Pizza Mia, etc.
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Virtual PBX

Проект принят заказчиком и сейчас в стадии реализации
A virtual PBX is not only a service for automated calls but also a tool for monitoring and training personnel using prompts and a built-in conversation script builder.
The user profile allows users to create automated phone calls to clients and view statistics on completed calls.


The service users themselves embed a callback widget on their website.
They customize it and set a display schedule.

Script builder

The scripts for processing incoming calls often turn into complex algorithms. To simplify the process of creating and configuring them, we unified the terminology and redesigned the interface.


In the statistics section, users can create templates and view only the necessary data, without being distracted by a large amount of information.
We worked through the main scripts, provided for all possible states, and, as a result, drew over 100 layouts.

Dark mode

For all user profiles, we developed a dark theme: firstly, because it is more comfortable to work in low light conditions this way, and secondly, following the trends. And it turned out to be very popular.
Happy client

Client's Testimonial

“We entrust the interface works exclusively to JetStyle. Many years of experience working with them have proven that no one can plunge into the specifics of your business as deeply as they, understand all the “pains” and find creative solutions beyond the assigned routine tasks.
It is great that this project is a collaboration between JetStyle and the client. The project is divided into blocks (stages), each of which is submitted for general discussion, where the client can suggest their corrections and proposals, so it's some kind of tandem.
The updated interface of the user profile of the Cloud CCTV service is a special pride of Insis and our calling card.
Thanks to the entire JetStyle team, you are the benchmark of teamwork and super professionals. The result of our collaboration exceeded all our expectations. ”
Daria Khorkova
Product manager


At the Tagline Awards 2019, we won Silver in the nomination “Best Intranet Design” for the redesign of Insis user profiles, and Bronze in the nomination “Best Application for Telecom / IT / Internet Company” for the CCTV Insis mobile app.
Project team


Valentina Listopad
Irina Efremova
Yuri Kozlov
Artem Kupelsky
Art director
Maxim Smirnov
Art director
Anna Neustroeva
Project manager
Alexey Kotov
Project manager


Daria Khorkova
Product manager
Denis Pyatkov
Head of development
Elena Borisova
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