Creation of a New Interface And Style


Develop a modern user interface and style.
The new user interface should help increase sales
and improve and user experience.

About the client

of experiance
in the project
implementation business
in the system
regions —
spans the largest project
Advanta’s largest client

Advanta Group has been operating since 2004,
rendering a complete set of project management organization services; those include consulting, conducting workshops and trainings, developing and implementing corporate projects and project portfolio management systems.

We started with
joint work on the product image

Advanta Group reached out to us for a “cosmetic renovation”.
First, the client wanted to change the design of the project sheet,
to make it more up-to-date, convenient and nice to look at.

we helped
detail the client
needs profile
and link it to the

Together with the customer, we made arrangements to simulate the product. We also outlined the main roles and revealed consumer problems and needs. Then, we created a QFD matrix to find out
which features create valuefor which user groups.

We evaluated each feature in view of its importance to a certain group.

We ended up with a table that defined a list of high-priority product features for each user group.It came in handy for both parties: we relied on it in the development of navigation and visualization model, and the client used it in prioritizing development tasks.
in prioritizing development tasks.

We drew up the first prototypes

We leveraged the achieved results in designing the new user interface. Our joint plans include a lot of interesting things on top of that, so we are bound to come back to this matrix.

This block is the project sheet and the icon
reflects which content type
is currently open.
Notifications about messages, likes
and requests.
This is the dashboard:
the client compiles it on
their own. Any widget
can be included here.
The business logic sequence:
it is set up during project
creation and is fully
float button.
The button
is always on-screen
and can be used
to create any entity.
System modules associated
with the project can
be found below. There are
plenty of those and new
ones appear on a regular basis.
Everything that is going on
inside the project is shown
here, such as record creation,
comments and so on.
The menu is customizable
by users, depending
on the selected
system edition.

Creating the style







Work results

The UI of the most important application screen, the project sheet.
We did our best to make the most important information readily accessible by the user.
The visualization model easily handles widely varying data combinations.
User interface color themes enable Advanta to adjust the looks to customer preferences.


Users can upload background images for projects. It adds emotion and helps Advanta’s clients to promote corporate culture in a subtle way.

material-like style

We designed the homepage
and HTML-coded everything

We HTML-coded user interface and helped (and have been helping ever since) the programmers to integrate the new design.

This is what the project homepage and main menu look like.

We created a new logo
in the process

The creation of the new logo is worth being told in a separate story. We tried dozens of letterforms and typeface combinations and prepared 3 presentations of different logo versions for the client. Let’s not go into all the iterations, here’s the result:

Адванта — старый логотип Before
Адванта — новый логотип After
Адванта — знак

Behind the scenes

to be continued...

The updated user interface of Advanta’s management system has already started to yield benefits for its owners. When we were still creating the new design, the Advanta Group was negotiating with a very large prospect who was looking into different management systems. They liked everything about Advanta’s offer except for the outdated user interface design. The new design presentation helped close the deal.

We are planning new joint projects, including a full re-design of the navigation system and a mobile-friendly version.

Client’s testimonial

Collaboration with JetStyle gave us a new take on product development driven by the end user’s business benefits. The analysis of the characters and their scenarios helped us better grasp the specifics of our client; and this has had a strong impact on the product development as a whole. As a result, we managed to create a value proposition that made the business cycle considerably shorter and improved the company’s financial performance. In turn, the revamped user interface also complemented the results with a positive feedback from our client.

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