Revolution of style

For the company being a part
of UMMC-holding, we have developed
a website which sets a new level of style.

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To create a modern website for the company UMMC-NFMP with sections
for each plant included, which is aimed to attract new clients, improve
business processes and to increase the number of orders.

Our client

UMMC-NFMP is a division of UMMC-holding, which united under its command major nonferrous-metals works of Russia. Alongside with the production of the given enterprises the company realizes the rolled stock of “Copper pipes plant” (Serbia, Majdanpek), and also a group of enterprises Gindre (France, Lyon).

JSC "Revda
non-ferrous metal
processing works"
Fabrika Bakarnih
Cevi Majdanpek
JSC "Kirov
non-ferrous metals
processing plant"
JSC "Kolchugino
non-ferrous metals
processing plant"

The problem of style

The websites of all the subdivisions of UMMC-holding have long been based on a single template,
which is already 17 years old. It is the right time for changes. Now it is possible to create a brand-new
resource that will satisfy specific requirements and meet the objectives of the company.

Starting with preparation
and design

We suggested full website update, although we had to divide the work into two parts: user interface and automation of internal processes. At present the customer is having the software updated, that is why to integrate the record keeping system and the catalogue of products with the website we need to wait for the work completion.

Design is the main objective of the first stage. We have analyzed the old website of UMMC-NFMP and the plants included, have distinguished several principles. We have made an effort to figure out what the company would like to tell about itself and what would be interesting for its customers to know. Due to that knowledge new site sections and their layout came into being. We have created clickable prototypes for the customers to have an opportunity to easily appreciate the design, structure and interface. We have written extensive and detailed technical requirements.

Tasting design

Homepage is supposed to deal with an image problem, to demonstrate the potential and the scope of the company, its structure and belonging to the holding company UMMC. Though it does not mean that a serious website like this is necessarily boring and too formal. We suggested that there should be some special appeal.

52000 тонн цветного металлопроката мы произвели в 2014 году
In the design we decided to use hexagons as an element of an individual style. In assortment of the company there are hexagonal bars, which are in great demand. We included them in the design in order to invite customers’ attention to the significant website sections.

Matured the structure
and navigation

A potential client of UMMC-NFMP is a major customer. They are people of engineering brain, a very concrete way of perception. On this account we created simple and clear navigation. Each page of a section is of a landing type, long, comprising all the necessary information. All is done clearly and brightly, consequently, potential customers will find it easy and exciting to study a new website.


The most daring and brightest element of the website is the Earth planet,
which conveys the scope of activity of UMMC-NFMP.

Created landing
for the wares

After finishing the second stage of developing, a product catalogue of full value will be uploaded to the system, while at this point it is realised in the form of landing pages for each sort of wares. It has been planned for every product to have a distinct advertising campaign accompanied by the link to a particular page. We have helped to elaborate a sales funnel to do analytics conjointly. In consequence, operation with the catalogue will be fully automatized.

Vacancies and tenders

We have changed the pages with vacancies
and tenders, have automatically brought in the company news from the old website
from 2003 onwards, have created a new application form.We have made parsing of nonferrous-metals market, based on the website of London metal exchange.


THE DIVISION OF UMMC-NFMP consists of five plants. Each of them used to have a website of its own. We have developed a single resource for them and set up data forwarding. For each plant we have created a separate section based on the single template. Now the structure and scope both of the whole company and of a particular plant have become easily seen.

do you speak english?

We immediately created an English
version of the website, as the company
UMMC-NFMP is oriented to the broad
international market.

What is in the result?

Launching of the new website succeeded. We received orders right on the day of the launch.

It has proved to be a well looking modern resource, which solves an image problem for UMMC-NFMP, displays the scope of the company activity, gives an opportunity to demonstrate immediately its European approach to customers.

In reference to accomplishment of the main objective, our business processes improvement,
it is our aim to complete it after the second iteration launch. We are looking forward to start of this stage.

What the custumer think about the result

We express our gratitude to the team of JetStyle for their irreproachable work!
Due to the executed work, currently the website UMMC-NFMP satisfies high level of internet projects and fulfils all the requirements set at the beginning of our cooperation. It perfectly demonstrates both the division structure and the company scope.

Our separate gratitude for a custom-tailored and creative approach
to work! We will be welcome in our further effective collaboration towards the direction of the website integration with the internal business processes of our company.

Demid Panshin, Export Sales and FTA Director

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