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The challenge and solution

For our client – the school of speed reading, calligraphy, memory, and intelligence development for children and adults IQ007 – we completely redesigned their existing website, but we will tell about it in another case study. 

Apart from working on the site, we had the challenge to optimise it for SEO (search engine optimisation) and contextual advertising and to launch an advertising campaign in order to increase the number of website visitors and applications for the IQ007 courses. 


At the start of our work the website consisted of:
landing page describing 3 key services (speed reading, mental arithmetic, and calligraphy);
pages of each city (only the list of branches, contact details, and address on the map);
page with a list of cities.


We started by setting up analytics: implemented Google Tag Manager, moved the counters codes into it and configured the tracking of sending applications from all forms – both clicks to “call to action”, and successful submission of forms. And then we collected semantics for all services.

Contextual advertising

At the next stage, we launched contextual advertising – this allows to quickly and effectively promote single page landing pages even before making any improvements to them.
We started with general campaigns and gradually divided them geographically. To optimise the advertising campaigns, we analysed them: selected days and hours with the best conversion, created a portrait of the audience with the highest conversion rates (gender, age, geography) and adjusted the rates in the advertising campaigns settings.


Over time, we also set up a campaign by brand requests. It allows to do beautiful snippets with customisable quick links with a description in Yandex and Google.
The IQ007 school gets the top place in the search results while competitors who promote themselves by using the keywords with the mention of our client’s brand stay unnoticed.
Due to high CTR, the rates go down, so this campaign doesn’t cost much.
Campaign cost
Positions in the search results

Search Engine Promotion

Step 1
In the process of search engine optimisation, we reworked the technical content of the main page: divided it into 4 separate pages working on the principle of infinite scrolling.

Each block of the page is now available on a separate URL. But at the same time, if the user went to the main page, the blocks work as a single landing page with a dynamic substitution of the URL in the address bar of the browser.
By doing this we have achieved a significant increase in search traffic to the main page of the website in just six months. And at the same time, we increased visibility on requests related to mental arithmetic and calligraphy.
Step 2
We reworked the pages of all IQ007 school’s branches, replaced their meta tags with unique ones and updated their design – added information about the branch, teachers, links to their accounts in social media. And made the search by cities and branches easier.
After that, the website ranked significantly higher in the search results for «school of speed reading + city», requests, and the search traffic continued to grow.
Step 3
We created the IQ007 blog, as there is a lot of information traffic in the subject of additional education. We made the design and layout of the blog, and we are also editing articles before they get published in the blog.
With each new week, the number of readers in the blog is growing, and it shows good figures as an entry page.
Step 4
After the major rework, we suggested our client to do a complete audit of the site, including adaptive versions since we noticed drawdowns in the conversion on mobile devices.
We identified shortcomings and redesigned the interface of the main page to solve the problems found by the audit. At the moment, we are conducting A / B testing of the new version using Google Optimize in order to not to lose the achieved positive results.


Search traffic increased by 3.4 times
Part of this success is due to an increase in interest in the topic, but thanks to the highest positions, we get all the benefits and form the growth.
The monthly number of applications via the website’s submission form has grown 3 times.
Conversion into request has increased by 2 times:
from advertising — 1,3% to 3,5%,
from search — 2,3% to 5%.
Based on our experience, it is easier to achieve such results when both production and promotion are made by the same contractor. We will also write a case study about the design and development of the new IQ007 website shortly. Stay tuned for updates!

The Team

Elena Khramtsova
Project manager
Evgeny Kuznetsov
Digital strategist
Natalia Lachkova
Web analyst
Renata Khusainova
Editor, copywriter

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