May 29, 2020

Case study: Redesign of the website for “UMMC-Health” Medical Center

“UMMC-Health” Medical Center is the largest healthcare and diagnostics facility in Yekaterinburg.

Over the past years, we have been working on numerous projects for this client. Our recent challenge was to redesign their website and to make it easier for patients to find the right doctor, make an appointment, and pay for services. As a result of this complex work, the site has become faster, more convenient, and good looking. And, what’s important, the conversion rate into request via the online appointment form has increased.

This project has won Bronze for the Best site for services at the Tagline Awards 2019.

About the project

“UMMC-Health” Medical Center is the largest healthcare and diagnostics facility in Yekaterinburg. It includes a multidisciplinary clinic for patients of all ages, a children's clinic, a Tibetan medicine center, a dental clinic, and a maternity hospital.

The redesign made it easier to find the right service or doctor, make an appointment, and pay for services. The site has become faster, more convenient, and more beautiful.

Challenge and solution

This is the second version of the site in our collaboration with the "UMMC-Health" clinic. We continue to develop the site, a mobile app, and an internal system.

Here is what has changed:


We combined children's, adult, Tibetan, and dental clinics on one site. Completely updated the search. It is available in all sections of the site, the results are displayed on the current page. The user can find service, direction, or a specific doctor, procedures, wellness programs, and articles – all in one window.


Earlier, we made a microservice for the clinic's administrators, which helps to quickly calculate the total cost of all services for the patient. And as an experiment, we added this feature to the site. The patient chooses the necessary services and adds them to the cart, sees their total cost, and sends one request for all services. After sending the request, the list of selected services is forwarded to the patient's email address. Patients pay for the clinic's services online with the account number.

Online appointment form

We updated the online appointment form – a patient chooses the service, specialist, or types the doctor’s name; selects the branch, date, and time of the appointment. The form has been translated into 8 languages.

Mini version

A mini version of the site is nothing unnecessary, only the search for a specialist, a specific doctor, or service with access to the user's account, like in the mini version of Yandex.

Doctors profiles

We updated doctors' profiles and put them to the main page to simplify the patients' search for the right specialists. As our research showed, choosing a doctor is the most important thing for patients, therefore, we placed the doctors' profiles in the upper blocks on the clinic's departments and services pages.


We are following the development of the medical center and help them tell patients about innovations, new branches, and other good news. For instance, for the opening of the maternity hospital, we made a landing page, full of cute illustrations.

The main site of the clinic also has more of our illustrations.

Adaptive design

The site has an adaptive layout. It is now convenient to find the necessary information and make an appointment from any device: PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Achieved goals and KPI based on the launch results

After the site was redesigned, the conversion rate into request (via the online appointment form) increased.

The redesign of the site of the medical center was only part of the comprehensive work that we carry out for "UMMC-Health". We have been cooperating for many years, and in addition to regularly updating the site, we are working on several more projects: we develop services for patients and clinic administrators, design interactive door signs for the hospital offices and patient rooms, improve the mobile app and create content, helping UMMC Health increase their patients' loyalty.

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